Until July 2012 I was an avid coupon shopper. I regularly visited Publix and left with a receipt that read ‘you spent $35.00’ ‘you saved $55.00.’ I was used to saving more money at the grocery store than I spent. If someone would have told me then that my shopping habits would soon drastically change I wouldn’t have believed it. If someone would have told me, “Once David is diagnosed with brain cancer”…WAIT!…what? It’s still hard to believe at times…it’s like I’m talking about someone else’s life…not ours.


After David was diagnosed with brain cancer in July 2012, I became much more concerned about the ingredients in the food I was purchasing than the price of the food. I stopped couponing…but I haven’t stopped shopping ‘smart’ and saving money. Our fridge and pantry look drastically different. We have cut processed food, eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible, and only eat grass fed or organic animal/meat products. Drastic changes to our diet mean we drink a green drink daily–made in the Vitamix we gave each other for Christmas 2012. Wells, 2 years old, drinks a green drink daily as well…and he LOVES it. My husband David has a HUGE sweet tooth. His family called dessert ‘closure’ growing up…and David believes that each meal needs it. I did a ton of research after he was diagnosed and learned that sugar feeds cancer…especially brain cancer. I also learned that there are specific fruits and vegetables that can help the body fight cancer cells. I’ve read a ton…but the book I keep going back to is Anti-Cancer: A New Way of Life. It’s written by a doctor who was accidentally diagnosed with a brain tumor–the most aggressive form (a glioblastoma) while he was doing research with some colleagues. He was given 6 months to live and ended up living more than 20 years. He refused to accept that chemo and radiation were the only treatments for cancer. He turned the remainder of his life into a mission to research other methods to prevent and treat cancer. I’ve learned adopting healthy habits isn’t just important for cancer patients. It’s important for all of us. We MUST get back to eating from the land…organically grown produce. We MUST get away from all of the processed food we consume. David told me early on that he would give me 80/20–meaning 80% of the time he would eat a super healthy diet. The other 20% of the time he wanted freedom. As we’ve grown and learned about our new way of eating…we do more like 90/10. His sweet tooth is now satisfied by fruit and other forms of ‘closure’ with natural sugar. We are much more deliberate about eating meals full of vegetables…and healthy/natural protein sources. We feel great and most importantly, David is doing well! I am not a dietician or doctor, but I have done a ton of research and KNOW my family is much healthier as a result of the changes I’ve made. I hope that this website is a resource and an encouragement for you. I’ve prayed about the changes we’ve made to our diet and lifestyle and know that the changes are important.

I highly recommend this book:

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